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4 Kegel Exercise Tips for Men to Help Them Last Longer in Bed

Pelvic floor muscle exercises or Kegel exercises for short are known to help men keep premature ejaculation from ruining their sex life. That is because strengthening the Pubococcygeus muscle or the pelvic floor muscles will allow them to have far greater control of their ejaculatory urges, making them last longer in bed as a result.

Keep in mind that the PC muscles, just like any other muscle in the body, will require some time for them to strengthen and improve. So, if you want to do some Kegel exercises, you will not see the benefits right away. But, give it enough time and I promise you that you will see the results.

In addition to doing Kegel exercises, you also want to get the right supplements for men so that you will get the right nutrition to fuel your body for whatever activities that you want to do (this includes sex, of course).

If you want to know more about Kegel exercises so that you can last longer in bed, do read the article completely to find out the right information.

Before Anything Else

Before I will give you some tips about Kegel Exercises, it is important that you first locate your PC muscles. It is actually very easy to do so.

The first thing that you need to do would be to get naked. Then, put a finger or two in the area just below your balls but just before you reach the anus.

Ideally, you should pee in order to catch your PC muscles in action, but if you can visualize the sensation of peeing, then that could achieve the same effect.

You will know if you are touching the PC muscle if it moves slightly and towards your penis and balls.

Useful Tips

1. The ‘Flutter’

Once you have located your PC muscles, what I want you to do is to master what I call the Flutter technique. This is where you will hold your PC muscles for a short while and then release it at half the time. So for instance, if you are holding your PC muscles for 10 seconds, you want to release that for 5.

This is just the warmup and ideally, you want to perform about three sets of this every single day.

2. Squeeze and Hold

This is similar to the Flutter technique, but the main difference is that you want to hold the squeeze for as long as you can.

Weak pelvic floor muscles would only allow you to hold it for about 20 seconds or so.

But, as your muscles develop, you will be able to hold the squeeze for longer periods of time.

Because this is so taxing to the muscles, perform this three times a day and only one hold per squeeze.

3. The Combination

As the name implies, this is where you will do a combination of the Flutter and the Squeeze & Hold. As a start, you want to perform 5 flutters and in the last repetition, you start squeezing and holding until you cannot do it any longer.

Remember, as your muscles start to get stronger, you can do more flutters and you can last longer on the squeeze and hold portion as well.

4. Random Flex

Normally, men have set time frames for doing their Kegel exercises, but this is the ultimate test if you’ve really strengthened your muscles to a considerable degree.

At random times during the day, do a couple of flutters (about 10 reps should be good).

After that, wait a couple of moments or even an hour or two then perform the squeeze and hold (hold it as long as you can).

Doing it this way, especially at random, can truly help you test if your PC muscles are getting stronger or not.

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