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5 Big Challenges During App Development and How You Can Overcome Them

I have been an app developer for quite some time now and what I love about my work is that you can always do something about it. Sure, you can make prototypes of your application, but you can always improve upon it to make it even better.

But despite that fact, there comes a time where app development can become quite a chore since there are a lot of big challenges that we face.

Today, I am going to talk about some of these challenges and I will provide some tips to help you overcome them.

First Time in the Business

Do you know those people who did not have prior experience in the field? They are usually the ones that are highly opinionated and are too idealistic for their own good.

Sure, having a fresh new perspective is nice to have, but you also want to balance idealism with practicality as well.

For instance, you might present new concepts into the fore, but what if that is not really something that users want (at least, as per the surveys)?

What you can do in this situation is that you open your mind to new things. Sure, your idea may come in handy at a later time, but you also have to be mindful about what really works.

Outsourced API Dependencies

We cater to some companies in helping them create applications for enterprises and such. However, there might be some problem with the API they’re already using.

You see, the API is quite important in the app development process and although it usually handles most of the backend stuff- what happens in the space can actually affect the front-end as well.

So, in order to fix this, you will have to come up with a buffer between the API you’re using with the ones that your clients use. This is to ensure that both the back-end and front-end are being fixed the way they should be.

Firmware and Hardware Dependencies

Another huge challenge that we normally face in app development is the hardware and firmware inconsistencies. Similar to the problem with the API above, there are times where the firmware being used in the creation of the application is not compatible with the hardware that our clients use.

To solve this, we would have to talk to the on-site project manager and relay important information to them that would allow us to update their existing platforms for everything to work smoothly.

No ‘Owner’ on the Part of the Client

Communication is always the key when it comes to app development. You have to not only talk to the client and ask them for the specifications, but you will also have to talk to the different stakeholders as well, such as the product team, the development team, and more.

Not having a clear and devoted person to contact on the client side is going to be a huge problem. That is why when you talk to your client, make sure that they devote someone you can talk to so that everything will be clear from the very beginning.

No Beta Testing

This is arguably one of the most overlooked aspects of app development. A lot of app development companies rarely think about creating prototypes or beta versions of their applications for people to use.

This is a huge mistake as there are always going to be issues that cannot be seen during the creation of the application.

Always have a beta testing phase to ensure that everything is ironed out before you release the app.

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