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6 Blog Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2018

Starting a blog is a great idea, especially if you want to earn money by expressing your thoughts and providing useful information to your readers.

But, not a lot of bloggers take into account their blog’s design and they scratch their heads thinking what could be wrong. Look, no matter how compelling your content is, people will leave your website if they find that it has poor design and formatting. You will experience bounce rate if you do not fix the blog design mistakes I am going to talk about today.

Not Optimizing Your Website for Mobile

A 2015 Google study revealed that mobile users have actually trumped their desktop counterparts when it comes to accessing the internet. That means that more and more people are now consuming digital content on their smartphones and tablets.

Although most of the blogs that you see today adhere to the new standard, there are still some that are not optimized for smaller devices.
If your blog happens to be one of them, be sure that you are using responsive design so that your blog’s content will be scaled down to fit mobile device displays.

Not Choosing a Good Hosting Service

I am pretty sure that most bloggers are guilty of this as they may have used a content management system to create their blogs. If you are not using a private hosting provider, you are running the risk of not maximizing your blog’s traffic.

You see, public hosting services provide poor performance and they are usually not good in the eyes of the search engines. Furthermore, if your website is slapped with the domain of your CMS, then your website will not be deemed as professional.

So, invest some money to get a good hosting service. Make sure that when you are searching for one that you look at reviews with a discerning eye. There are some prominent bloggers that are paid affiliate fees just to make glowing reviews about a certain provider. Compare both expert and user reviews and then make a decision.

Not Adding Images

Did you know that if your blog posts do not contain any images at all that you are less likely to get plenty of views? In a recent survey, adding images to your blog content will help improve your page views by a whopping 94%

Add relevant images to your blog posts to encourage people to read whatever it is that you’ve written. If you are using images taken from another website, make sure to ask permission and give credit where credit is due.

Missing Social Sharing Buttons

When people find that your content is worth sharing, they will want to share it immediately on their accounts. That is why it is important that you have social sharing buttons prominent on your blog to ensure that this happens.

Not Adding Related Posts

Not adding relevant posts to your blog content is a huge no-no as it will help keep your bounce rate high (which is something that you do not want to happen).

You can use a plugin that will help you add related posts on your blog. There are even some content management systems that will help you do this by default, so use that if you can.

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