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How to Choose the Best Women’s Watch

1. Pick the style and type of watch that you want.

There are tons of watches for women in Malaysia you can choose from. It can vary from jewelry
watches to sporty, functional ones. You can also go for trendy and dress watches. If you have the
budget, you can invest on a Patek Philippe Ladies Grand Complication watch. This is a luxury
watch brand that many ladies would love to have! However, if you are not ready to invest on an
expensive piece, you can go for sports watches from Citizen, Casio or TAG Heuer.

2. Select the movement type that you want.

Should you get a mechanical or a quartz watch? These are the most used watch movements.
Mechanical watches require careful engineering and maintenance, and can turn into a valuable
heritance piece. Quartz timepieces, on the other hand, are affordable and need less maintenance.
It is also more affordable.

3. Decide on the material type of the timepieces.

When it comes to watches for women, traditional gold jewelry watches are in demand. However,
stainless steel ones are rapidly gaining popularity amongst women and watchmakers. It delivers a
more masculine look, and a unique appearance for the woman wearing it.
If you want, you can go for a ceramic one. It is a modern wrist watch material that offers more
practicality. Ceramic watches give a spectacular, polished look you will surely love.

4. Choose the strap and bracelet material for your watch.

You can use various types of watch bracelets. You know this very well if you are familiar with
the Cartier watch brand. Bracelet straps are perfect for that formal, classy look. For a more
versatile vibe, a leather watch strap is also a good option.

5. Go for a watch that has delivers a wow factor.

Diamonds will never go out of fashion. Thus, if you are operating on a big budget, get a Chopard
La Strada. Just by wearing that exquisite accessory, you can impress a lot of people. Just focus
on the watch’s classy dial. An impressive design can give out elegance and grace to the person
wearing it.

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