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Is Managed VPS for You?

Are you looking for the best hosting option for your business website? Look into Virtual Private Servers or VPS. It works similar to web hosting, enabling you to put your web pages on the internet.

Website hosting offers limited, shared resources. VPS, on the other hand, gives people a whole small server, providing dedicated resources like CPU, RAM, displace and in some cases, disk performance. So, which one should you consider? s

Managed VPS are good for the following:

  • Digital Agencies. Do you own a digital agency? Then, it’s crucial for you to be online 24/7. With a managed VPS service, a competent customer support team would be there to attend to you. They will be there to make sure that your pages would be up and running 100% of the time.
  • Online Stores. Online stores are convenient because it’s available anytime and anywhere for customers. Can your website handle plenty of people all at the same time? eCommerce stores with high traffic are subject to this most of the time. Through managed VPS hosting, you can focus on counting the profits, and every aspect of the business management process.
  • Other high-traffic websites. Small- to medium-sized businesses need plenty of room for themselves and for their customers. That is why many managed VPS packages are tailored based on their needs.

Managed VPS features:

  • Plenty of storage. Several managed VPS packages provide robust and fast storage that loads web pages faster for customers.
  • Lots of room to grow. Dream big! By considering a good managed VPS packaged, upgrading will be a lot easier for you and your business.
  • Concierge. Consider your concierge as your account manager and guardian angel. This person is your go-to person just in case you encounter any problem.
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