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Top 5 Website Design Techniques for Increased Traffic

Replace your website images with text.

Do you have lots of images on your web pages? If you use photos in order to display written details, then it’s time to replace them with engaging ext. Images are unwieldly and large, and they hide valuable search engine optimization information from search engines.

Replace your background photos with CSS3 background gradients.

So, you are also using background images? Photos can chew a lot of bandwidth, eventually slowing down your pages. In many cases, these background photos can be replaced with lightweight, attractive and modern CSS3 gradients.

Implement a responsive design.

Check if your website is properly supporting mobile devices. This is probably one of the most crucial trends business owners and personal bloggers must follow if they want to get more traffic. Mobile access has finally surpassed that of desktop. Make sure your website developer leverage on this new way of life. People must be able to browse your pages in their mobile devices properly.

Use JavaScript instead of CSS3 transitions.

Avoid utilizing JavaScript as much as you can. It can hide crucial content from Google and other search engines, and can slow down your website. Don’t let your audiences suffer from poor and slow browsing experiences. Use CSS and HTML5 instead.

Optimize for speed.

So, how can you further speed up your web pages? Here are three ways. Are you utilizing a PHP-dependent content management system such as Joomla, Drupal or WordPress? Then, you may benefit from installing an alternative PHP cache on your website server. This can speed up PHP processing.

Reduce the data amount that should be transferred from your server to the browser through the following techniques: image optimization, image reduction and image compression.

Simplify the structures of your website pages. Eliminate all of the HTML code which are not required. https://www.business2community.com/online-marketing/5-top-web-design-tips-to-increase-website-traffic-0328420

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