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Website Design 101: How to Get More Clients

Website Design 101: How to Get More Clients

1. Offer free items.

“Free” is a magic word that can bring you valuable returns. Website designers like you should offer potential clients lots of special discounts, promos and deals. Keep in mind that many people are looking for custom web design in Malaysia, so try your best to win their approval.

2. Look for your anchor client.

Do you know that a single anchor client can make a difference in your web design portfolio? Once people realize that you have worked for this specific client, they would be excited to work with you. Be prepared to offer them a website redesign will improve their online presence.

3. Get yourself listed on many freelance online marketplaces.

Feel free to create profiles on different freelance online marketplaces. This is one of the sure-fire approaches to finding the best clients. See to it that your profile is highly informative, describing all of your experiences and skills.

4. Leverage on the power of social media.

Social media plays a crucial role in our lives today. It would be absolutely foolish not to take advantage of all the opportunities that come with it–all for the benefit of your brand and business. Analyze who your potential clients are, and the social networks they use.

5. Focus on updating and improving your own website.

No person would trust his or her website to company that can’t optimize their very own. This only means that your own website’s functionality and design must be on point. Make it intuitive and user friendly.

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